Senarai Jurnal Untuk Tahun 2014


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 1  Pn. Nor Fadila bt Kasim  Genistein Induces Increase in Fluid pH, Na+ and HCO3 Concentration, SLC26A6 and SLC4A4 (NBCe1)-B Expression in the Uteri of Ovariectomized Rats. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 15(1), 958-976.  1422-0067    2014  15  958-976  Scopus  2.464  International Journal of Molecular Sciences Berwasit 
 2  Dr. Norkhalid bin Salimin, PM.Dr. Julismah bt Jani, Pn. Nur Akmal bt Ishak, En. Sadzali bin Hassan, Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumalai, PM. Dr. Ong Kuan Boon, En. Mohd Izwan bin Shahril  Validity and reliability of comprehensive assessment instruments for professional skills in field and court sport among major students coaching based on model K  2348-0521  April  2014  2  37-44      Best Journal  Berwasit
 3  En. Srinivas Mondam  Comparision of Alexander Teachnique versus Jacobson Relaxation Technique in Improving the Functional Activity of School Teachers with Mechanical Cervical Pain  2320-7353  March  2014  2  


     International Research Journal of Medical Sciences  Berwasit
 PM. Dr. Julismah binti Jani  Efikasi Kendiri Guru Pendidikan Jasmani Terhadap Pelaksanaan Pengajaran Mata Pelajaran Pendidikan Jasmani    Julai  2014  2        Jurnal Kurikulum & Pengajaran Asia Pasifik (JUKU)  Berwasit
 5  En. Mohd Izwan bin Shahril  Examining the Indonesia and Malaysia Student Athletes Coping Strategy in Sports  1857-7431  Februari  2014  2  331-337      European Scientific Journal  Berwasit
 6  Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumalai, Dr. Norkhalid bin Salimin, En. Yusop bin Ahmad, PM.Dr. Md Amin bin Md Taff, En. Nuzsep Almigo  The effectiveness of 8 weeks physical training program among obese and overweight national service trainees by gender  2348-0521  Februari  2014  2        Best Journal  Berwasit
 7  Junaidy bin Mohamad Hashim, Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumalai, Dr. Norlena Salamuddin  The Readiness of Prospective Physical Education Teachers Towards Upgrading the Teaching Professionalism  2321-8851  May  2014  2  309-314    1.4507  Impact Journal  Berwasit
 8  Pey Sze Teo, Nurul Fadhilah Abdullah, Mohd Ezane Aziz, Andrew P.Hills  Lifestyle Practices and Obesity in Malaysia Adolescents  doi: 10.3390  May  2014    5828-5838  scopus    International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health  Berwasit
 9  Dr.Nur Akmal Ishak  Comparison of Body Mass Index and body Fat percentage in the Assessment of Obesity Prevalence among Secondary School Students in Perak state, Malaysia  1857-7431  Julai  2014  vol 10,no 21  115    8.25  European Scientific Journal  Berwasit
 10  PM. Dr. Ahamd bin Hashim, PM. Dr. Mohd Sani b Madon, Pn. Nur Haziyanti bt Mohamad Khalid, Dr. Nelfianty bt Mohd Rashid, En. Sadzali b hassan, En. Yusop b Ahmad  National Physical Education Standards : Level Of Physical Fitness Male Student Primary School in Malaysia    May 2014  Vol2, no 2   94-103      Macrothink Institute  Berwasit
 11  Dr. Nur Ikhwan bin Mohamad  The Effect of Resisted Sprint Training on Maximum Sprint Kinetics and Kinematics in Youth  1746-1391  September  2014      ISI, Scopus  1.314  European Scientific Journal  Berwasit
 12  Dr. Norkhalid b Salimin, PM. Dr. Julismah bt Jani, Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumalai, En. Mohd Izwan b Shahril, En. Yusop b Ahmad  Now the " boys turn": Using comprehensive assessment for handball in physical education  2249-6947  Oct  2014  Vol 4, bil 5  18-Sept      International journal of educational science and research  Berwasit
 13  Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumali  Assessment of energy expenditure of walking based on heart rate monitoring by gender  2319-393x  May  2014  Vol 3, Bil 3  75-84      International Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology  Berwasit
 14  PM. Dr. Ahmad b Hashim, PM.Dr. Mohd Sani b Madon, Pn. Nur Haziyanty bt Mohd Khalid,Dr. Nelfianty bt Mohd Rasyid, En. Sadzali b Hassan, En. Yusop b Ahmad  National physical education standards : level of physical fittness male student primary school in Malaysia  2327 - 5510    2014  Vol 2, no 2  94-103      International Journal of Social Science Research  Berwasit
 15  Dr. Nur Akmal bt Ishak  Comparison of body mass index and body fat percentage in the assessment of obesity prevalence among secondary school students in Perak State, Malaysia  1857-7881  Julai  2014  Vol 10 no 21  115-122      European Scientific Journal  Berwasit
 16  Dr. Sanmuga Nathan a/l K. Jeganathan, Dr. Abd Rahim b Mohd Shariff dan Dr Norkhalid b Salimin  The effect of teaching games for understanding coaching context on elite Malaysian school player's in genera hockey skills and mini game play    April  2014  Vol 2, no 4  15-24      Best Journal  Berwasit
 17  PM. Dr. Ahmad bin Hashim  The Level of Gross Motor Development and Age Equivalents of Children 9 Years  2332-7839  Okt  2014          Journal of Sport Science  Berwasit
 18  PM. Dr. Ahmad bin Hashim  Research level of gross motor Development and Age Equivalents of Children 7 to 9 Years  2054-6297  Sept.  2014  Vol 2  48-59      International Journal of Education, Learning and Development  Berwasit
 19  Dr. Sanmuga Nathan a/l K. Jeganathan, G.L Khanna  Quasi Experimental Exploration of Teaching Games for Understanding for Decision Making and Skill Execution among Indian Junior Hockey Players  2348-6586  March  2014  Vol 1, No 1  44-51      MR International Journal of Applied Health Science  Berwasit
 20  Angelina Tan Li san, Dr. Jeffrey Low Fook Lee  Developmental Practice Activities of Elite Youth Swimmers  2231-9409    2014  Vol. 3  27-37      Movement, Health & Exercise  Berwasit
 21  Ebby waqqash, Dr. Jeffrey Low Fook Lee  Effects of Contextual Interference (CI) in Basic Squash Shots Practice    Nov 2014           UiTM Sport Science Journal  Berwasit
 22  Chia C.H, Dr. Jeffrey Low Fook Lee  The Effect of Attentional Focus Instructions on Learning Strokes in squash    June  2014  Vol 2, Issue 4  47-57      Coaching Journal Akademi Kejurulatihan Kebangsaan  Berwasit
 23  Dr. Lee Ai Choo  Static postural control profile of patellofemoral pain syndrome and healthy athletes  1466-0414  Nov  2014  Vol 32, Issue 2  18-21  ISI, Scopus    Journal of Sport Science  Berwasit
 24  Michael Clemens Rumpf, John Barry Cronon, Dr. Nur Ikhwan b Mohamad, En. Shahril Mohamad, Jonathan Oliver and Michael Hughes  Accute Effects of Sled Towing on Sprint time in Male Youth of Different Maturity Status  0899-8493  Dec  2014  26  71-76  ISI, Scopus  2.13  Pediatric exercice Science  Berwasit
 25  Dr. Gunathevan a/l Elumalai, En.Mohansundar Sankaravel, PM. Dr . Ahmad bin Hashim, Richie Raphael Chia  Obesity levels, knowledge and practice of healthy lifestyle among students in Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris  2276-8475  Nov  2014  Vol 3, Bil 6  433-436      Research Journal in Organizational Psychology, & Educational Studies  Berwasit
 26  Dr. Normah binti Jusoh  Relationship between hydration status, hydration knowledge and fluid intake bahaviour among school athletes of selected Perak sport school    Dec  2014          Jurnal Sains Sukan & Pendidikan Jasmani  Berwasit